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“Ever since I was a girl, I have always had a passion for anything related to fashion.
I loved intermingling clothes, naughtily refusing to wear what I was told. I also designed new outfits and hairstyles for my very first models: the platinum blond Barbie dolls that filled my room.
I have always had this urgent need to convey my identity through fashion, not settling for what they pitched to me but unfailingly reinterpreting clothes and combinations to reflect my feelings and personal taste.
I’ve been known to be quite critical when it comes to the window displays in shops I visit. I would ask myself why they created such artificial, unflattering outfits when they have gorgeous fabrics and yarn at their disposal. Perhaps the aim was to shock rather than be worn.
With this independent thought in mind, I decided to venture into fashion design following my long-term motto: the beauty of every woman is being a woman.”

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